poor Drew though!

He decorated Adam’s room so when he wakes up he’ll see how much people love and care about him.He was so excited when his parents walked into the room because he thought they were going to deliver good news but then his face dropped and I wanted to hug him so bad.  

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im fucking balling my eyes out.

i feel like a piece of me fucking died. 

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im opening up a donation account so you guys can fund my journey

my journey is to epitome


i need a plane ticket, food money, and a bunch of laxatives thanks god bless


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just think about this, if it wasn’t for adam torres, imagine how many teenagers wouldn’t have connected with his character and realized how similar they are. how many trans people came out because his story helped them. how many people were able to tell their families. 

adam was an inspiration to so many people

 and they are treating this like it means nothing

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"i am done with degrassi" we say 

"wow i am 90 why am i still watching this show" we’ll say 

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Let’s all raise a glass for Drew Torres and more importantly Luke Bilyk because he was the SAVING MOTHERFUCKING GRACE OF THE ENTIRE EPISODE.

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what’s funny is that a group of adult professionals couldn’t handle a transgender character. they rarely respected his character.

what’s funny is that us a fandom could have collaborated to write a block that is a million times better than this one was. we could have written better plots for him. and we would have given a send off that would for once given him the respect he deserved. 

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can we talk about how Rick's death had been building up all season with his bullying and then he was pushed to the edge and brought a gun to school and the rest of the season was the aftermath?

can we talk about how JT's death had been building up all season with the…